COURIER / Meet the motorway service stations that are embracing artisan food

Retail has become a cash cow for motorway service stations. Westmorland Family brought in £92m last year from just two outlets thanks to posh sausage rolls. I wrote about how petrol stations are reinventing the business model for Courier magazine, in print in the Jun/Jul 2017 issue.

COURIER / The five stages of stock management

Getting a grip on stock management – and building a process that can scale with the business – requires more than Excel sheets and yearly stock takes. I wrote about how small businesses can manage their growing inventory for Courier, published online on 18 May 2017.

COURIER / Tax and the future of work

Many breathed a sigh of relief when Philip Hammond dropped plans to raise self-employed national insurance. But as the number of freelancers keeps increasing, how will taxes change? I wrote about how changes in tax could impact freelancers for Courier, published online on 24 March 2017.

COURIER / Making micropayments work for journalism

Blendle is applying the iTunes model to journalism. But can it make micropayments work? I wrote about a new model for publishing companies for Courier, published online on 17 March 2017.

COURIER / Vrumi lets people hire out their homes from 9 to 5

‘Airbnb for office space’ is the easiest way to describe Vrumi, a daytime-only property rental platform. Unexpectedly, the startup has found itself a hit with corporate middle managers. I wrote about startup letting company Vrumi for Courier’s Feb/Mar 2017 issue.

COURIER / How to get a government start up loan

More than £260m in government loans has been granted to small businesses since 2012. But many founders are intimidated by the application process. I wrote about the government’s startup loan scheme for Courier’s Feb/Mar 2017 issue.